Needs assessment of East European MSM

GMFA will be conducting a needs assessment of Eastern European gay, bisexual and other MSM in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. It will include sexual practises, knowledge around HIV, sexual health testing and drug / alcohol use.

Group work interventions led by GMFA across South London will consist of self-development courses providing information for safer and more enjoyable sex, and better relationships – The Sex Course, The Arse Class, Building Your Confidence, and Getting a Boyfriend.

Harm reduction group work courses for Chemsex users will be delivered by GMFA in partnership with Antidote @ London Friend. Focussing on drug information, associated harms and risk – including STIs, HIV prevention & safer sex, and signposting to services for those wanting to reduce or stop their use.

It would be great if you were also able to offer any help with promotion on social media for our first group work course which is in June currently on GMFA and FS twitter / Facebook accounts.

A draft questionnaire has been prepared in partnership by Antidote and GMFA, and has been translated into Polish.

  • Survey questions outlined and discussed possibilities of how to best promote within Eastern European MSM. Matt Zaremba has provided Polish translation of agreed survey questions.
  • Sigma Research have agreed to provide Eastern European data from the most recent Gay Men’s Sex Survey. GMSS respondents born in Poland were 6thhighest country of origin after UK – results may be able to inform need/comparison to this work.

Keep looking at this site for information about the service….


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