Chem Sex and London


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HIV testing in London increasing

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Communities Champions Volunteering Programme

Rise is recruiting for Sexual Health Community Champions across Lambeth Southwark and Lewisham. Learn new skills and inspire others. For more information contact NAZ on 0208 741 1879

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Mentoring Programme

Mentoring Programme  The Mentoring Service is a three year programme that offers mentoring sessions to our target groups across Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. If you are interested in joining the service, you can find out more information below and a link to...
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Testing Faith

Testing Faith is a dynamic comprehensive programme in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham to help faith leaders support their congregations sexual and social health needs, particularly around HIV prevention, treatment and care aimed specifically at black and minority ethnic communities.

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Black Pride

Vauxhall Gardens July 2016
Rise Team in full flare

Lewisham College Campus

Fresher’s Fair Summer 2016

Mentor Training

Leros Magazine Advert

Islam Channel

Live TV interview with our Rise Manager Dr. Priyanka Goel

Rise team testing Islamic Faith Leaders- Lewisham

Reggie Yates

nOSCARS Media Award Winner visits NAZ

HRH Prince Harry visits nOscars

NHTW: Southbank University:

HIV testing of HRH Prince Leo

Rise Team testing HRH Prince Leo

REF- SFSC Parents in action

Parenting Class of SFSC- Graduation Time !

BAME MSM Self development workshop

Commissioner Jennnifer Reiter with HRH Prince Harry

Rise at nOscars

REF nOscars

Antidote nOscars

Rise Naz Team

Rise team with Caroline Dinenage MP 

Interfaith Harmony Breakfast

The Mayor Cllr Saleha Jaffer

Graduating class of SFSC with Cllr Jim Dickson


What partners had to say

The Rise Partnership has been great working across Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham especially as GMFA are now once again based in Brixton. Sharing experiences and interventions about sexual health between each partner has really helped show how specific services can learn from each other, and continue to promote the work of the partnership
Nicholas Baker GMFA

Partners said

The RISE Partnership has been extremely beneficial for London Friend, allowing us to deliver more services in three of the London Boroughs where we see the greatest number of clients. It has allowed us to create new services such as Chemcheck and the Chemsex Workshops, adding additional intervention options, at different levels of need, for our clients. We’re also delighted to build on existing links with GMFA and Race Equality Foundation that we had through the Department of Health’s Strategic Partner Programme, and are particularly pleased to expand our partnership with Naz further through the SASH sexual health partnership in the Tri-Borough area of central and west London.
Jamie Wills Antidote

Comments about ChemSex Workshops

Tonight was great, difficult but real”

“I felt emotional today but you made me feel safe to feel like that”

The honesty & finally getting to talk about my using”

A really positive session where I felt the discussion addressed issues I had not looked at before”

“I really got to understand more about where I am & feel & am slightly more confident in what I need to do – It’s a lot clearer”

Finding a Boyfriend Class….

Usually I only have sex when I am either feeling lonely or bored and go on Grindr and sometimes this meant I would have sex with just whoever was online. I now realise I’ve been having riskier sex than I want to. It was good to learn about PEP and PrEP because I feel more confident knowing my options (Service user from Lambeth)

As an older gay man coming out of a 17-year relationship with a significant other the idea of getting out on the scene and meeting someone ‘new’ filled me with anxiety and dread. But thanks to this course I now feel ready to enjoy dating and my sex life especially realising my knowledge about HIV was very out of date!”

Sound Bytes

I learned how to use a condom safely – how to put it on and not to use oil based lube (demo of oil on latex was good). I feel I can now be more assertive and to tell someone to stop doing something I’m not enjoying.

“I learned more about the anatomy of the arse which will help me to enjoy sex more, do it safely and learnt more about STIs. Great course, thank you!”

Ass Class

This course helped increase my understanding of anal anatomy so that I know how to have safe and less painful sex. The walkthrough of STIs was really informative and has helped me to understand some of the signs to look for. It was great to meet other gay men and know that they had similar fears and issues!

“Thoroughly informed! I arrived fearful, apprehensive yet curious. I particularly enjoyed the exercise on what would stop me engaging in or enjoying anal sex, being provided with action points from the trainers helped me significantly in identifying what I can do independently and with help from other services.”

Sound Bytes

Before this course my idea of anal sex and safe sex was patchy. Now I feel confident that I have all the necessary facts, ideas and tools to approach anal sex and this will make the exploration of sex more enjoyable.”

HIV testing comments

“My parents both have HIV, they say they are ‘undetectable’ they are taking medicines regularly. Me and my brother are negative, I still like to test and reconfirm. Good I saw you in my college campus” (Mixed black heterosexual male from Lambeth)

I would not know I have HIV if you didn’t’t test me at the asylum office that evening ….I will always remember you…thank you…(Black African MSM from Gambia)

Our men don’t like to wear rubber, we women have to test to know whats going on…if anything (40 year old African woman from Southwark)


RISE-WEB-transparency-2The Rise Partnership provides sexual health services to Black African & Caribbean communities and gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM)  across Lambeth, Southwark & Lewisham (LSL).


Rise alongside its partners organises and collates events across Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. Find all the upcoming events and information below.

april, 2020

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Inspirational stories from people of all walks of life. Rise brings together and showcases these stories in audio, video and written forms.

Spoken word: Black + Female

Recorded by Melanated...

No One Size Fits all for HIV prevention

Podcast on HIV prevention

Listen here

Spoken word: Black + Female

Recorded by Melanated...
Watch here

Pretty for a Dark Skin


We are JUST PRETTY full stop!

Watch here

A Black seat at a white table:

What being president of my universities LGBT…

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Each of the 4 partners have a proven track record of working with communities disproportionately affected by poor sexual health outcomes.

The Rise partners will be delivering a range of educational, group work, 1-2-1 and online activities accessible to our target population groups across the three boroughs.

Established in 1991 NAZ is the sexual health charity dedicated to people experiencing better sexual health. We do this because there’s a big gap in the sexual health outcomes of Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities compared to the general population. Everything we do works to reverse this trend.


Parminder Sekhon, Director of Programmes for Black African and Caribbean communities including Testing Faith

parminder@naz.org.uk  0208 741 1879

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GMFA are one of the lead providers of online HIV and sexual health information. The GMFA sexual health information website receives up to 150k visits each month with 8.5% of these coming from Lambeth and Southwark (GMFA evaluation surveys).


Michael Flaherty Community Engagement Officer for MSM services

michael.flaherty@gmfa.org.uk 0207 738 6872

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The Race Equality Foundation promotes race equality in social support (what families and friends do for each other) and social care (what ‘workers’ do for people who need support), by exploring what we know about discrimination and disadvantage and developing interventions that will overcome barriers and promote equality.



Leandra Box Programme Manager for SFSC Parenting Course on

leandra@racefound.org.uk 0207 428 1885

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Antidote is the UK’s only drug and alcohol support service run specifically by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people. It provides support for people wishing to cut down and gain more control over their drinking or drug use, or to stop altogether.


Jamie Willis, Outreach & Training Manager for MSM services on jamie@londonfriend.org.uk or call 0207 833 1674

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The latest news that Rise has handpicked on HIV and Sexual Health

Gay, Bi-Sexual & MSM

Men who have sex with men news articles and talking points


Information catered for Black Africans and Caribbeans across Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham


Rise is committed to providing the best possible support to you. Find out more about support organisations by clicking the tab below.

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